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Passenger Backrest 50L Top Case

Passenger Backrest 50L Top Case

Backrest to fi t to the front side of the optional Yamaha 50L Top Case

• Gives added comfort to your passenger

• Easy installation to the top case

Tuote: 37P-F84U0-B0-00

Hinta alk.128.95 €


Tuote Hinta
34B-F843F-0C-00 Lava Red (RM5)128.95 €
34B-F843F-0F-00 Tech Armor (MDNM3)128.95 €
34B-F843F-0J-00 High Tech Silver (HTS)128.95 €
34B-F843F-0H-00 Magnetic Blue (MDBM1)128.95 €
34B-F843F-0G-00 Sonic Grey (MDNM1)128.95 €