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Windshields Midnight Star 1900

Windshields Midnight Star 1900

Windshields for improved wind protection

• Strong and durable

• Provided with a quick-release system enabling to interchange the windshields easily so you can change

the looks of your Midnight Star

• Treated with extra coating to provide a long lasting, durable protection against scratches

• Provided with a distinctive Star logo

• Available in three heights: tall (62 cm), medium (54 cm) and short (42 cm)

• The windshields (without the mounts) and windshield mounts can be also ordered separately

• For added security the Lock Kit (article nr. STR-2C590-10-00) can be installed


Tuote Hinta
STR-2C590-10-00 Lock Kit195.00 €
STR-2C503-40-00 Mounts282.00 €
STR-2C507-10-00 Medium638.00 €