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Seat Cover YZF-R125

Seat Cover YZF-R125

Cover to replace passenger seat

? Transforms bike into a single seat-seater for a sportier look

? Easily installed, specifically designed to fit the YZF-R125

? Available in bike matching colour


Tuote Hinta
5D7-247F0-10-00 Lunar Grey (MNM3)90.10 €
5D7-W0771-20-00 Sports White (PWS1)94.10 €
5D7-W0771-40-00 Racing Red (VYR1)130.50 €
5D7-W0771-30-00 Impact Yellow (CPY)94.10 €
5D7-W0771-60-00 Competition White (BWC1)94.10 €
5D7-W0771-50-00 Yamaha Blue (DPBM13)94.10 €
5D7-247F0-00-00 Absolute White (MWM3)91.90 €
5D7-W0771-10-00 Midnight Black (SMX)94.10 €
5D7-W0771-00-00 Burning Blue (VPBC3)94.10 €