XVS950A Midnight Star

2009 - 2012 vuosimalleihin

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Big Bar Engine Guard

Big Bar Engine Guard

Provides protection against vehicle damage

? Stylish big engine guard to match the design of your Midnight Star

? Caution: The engine guard may provide limited protection against cosmetic vehicle damage in certain

situations, such as when tipping over de motorcycle. The engine..

Tuote: 5S7-F43B0-V0-10

Hinta: 233.20 €

Billet Passenger Floorboards

Billet Passenger Floorboards

Adds extra style to your Midnight Star and extra comfort for your passenger

? Incorporating moulded rubber ribs for comfort and added durability

? Highly polished with a rich, chrome fi nish to perfectly match the stock rider fl oorboards..
Hinta: 104.30 € - 449.00 €

Black Leather Polish

Black Leather Polish

Substance to keep your cruiser black leather accessories in good condition

? Restores black leather to its natural lustre by putting colour back into it

? Suitable for all black leather accessories for cruisers..


Hinta: 3.20 €

Boulevard Windshield

Boulevard Windshield

Stylish and sleek windscreen

? Sleek windscreen, smoke-coloured with chrome details for a unique styling

? 22 cm high windshield, still offering a surprisingly effective wind protection

? Strong and durable design

? Hard-coated to protect against scratches..

Tuote: 5S7-F83J0-S0-01

Hinta: 57.50 €

Chromed Fender Tip Set

Chromed Fender Tip Set

Set of 3 chrome-plated ABS fender tips for a classic look

? Chrome-plated to a brilliant fi nish

? Provide a classic look to your Midnight Star 950

? 3D ABS shape for perfect fi tment

? Adhesive backing for easy application without fender drilling

? Fender tips can..
Hinta: 84.50 € - 129.00 €

Floorboards Adapter Plate

Floorboards Adapter Plate

Required plate to mount the optional fl oorboards to the Midnight Star 950

? The plate is only required when the Saddlebags Hard Leather (article nr. 5S7-F84H0-V1-00) are not installed

*Please note - US Floorboard is depicted..

Tuote: 5S7-F47D0-U0-00

Hinta: 56.20 €

Full Tourer Kit XVS95A

Full Tourer Kit XVS95A

Kit to transform your bike into touring motorcycle

? Kit consist of: Saddlebags, Backrest base, Backrest pad, Short Windshield and mounting hardware..

Tuote: 5S7-W0720-01-00

Hinta: 2 434.40 €

Passenger Backrest Base

Passenger Backrest Base

Quick-release backrest base

? Quick-release system

? Offers extra passenger comfort

? High-quality polished chromed steel

? The optional Passenger Backrest Uprights and Passenger Backrest Pad Star (article nr. STR-3D841-50-00) are required to complete the passenger backrest..
Hinta: 56.20 € - 346.30 €

Passenger Backrest Upright ? high

Passenger Backrest Upright ? high

Upright to provide extra comfort for your passenger

? High-quality polished chromed steel

? Is compatible with the optional backrest pads (article nr. STR-3D841-50-00 or 1D6-2840F-00-00)

? The optional Rear Luggage Rack (article nr. carrier STR-2C551-30-00) can..

Tuote: STR-2C541-30-02

Hinta: 235.30 €

Passenger Backrest Upright ? low

Passenger Backrest Upright ? low

Extra comfort for your passenger

? High-quality chromed steel

? Is compatible with the optional backrest pads (article nr. STR-3D841-50-00 or 1D6-2840F-00-00..

Tuote: 5S7-F16C0-V2-00

Hinta: 157.90 €

Passing Lamps

Passing Lamps

Unique high / low beam design passing lamps

? Provides better visibility for extra safety

? Dedicated design to match your Midnight Star 950

? Adds an extra impressive look to your cruiser

? Mounts are included..

Tuote: 5S7-H54A0-U0-00

Hinta: 414.40 €

Quick-release Screens Midnight Star 950

Quick-release Screens Midnight Star 950

Quick-release screens for improved wind protection and a classic styling

? Tough and durable design

? Patented quick-release system

? Hard-coated to protect against scratches

? With lock for extra safety

? Available in: high (628 mm) and short (426..
Hinta: 220.20 € - 515.60 €

Rear Luggage Rack

Rear Luggage Rack

Carrier to mount to the optional Passenger Backrest Upright

? For added luggage capacity

? High-quality chromed steel

? Designed for use in conjunction with the quick-release Passenger Backrest Base (article nr. STR-2C541-10-00)..

Tuote: STR-2C551-30-00

Hinta: 240.30 €

Saddlebag Guards

Saddlebag Guards

Polished, chrome-plated saddlebag guards

? Protect your saddlebags in case your bike falls over

? Nice design adds extra impact to the impressive looks of the bike

? High quality chrome plating..

Tuote: 5S7-F84D0-V0-00

Hinta: 344.20 €

Saddlebag Trim Rails

Saddlebag Trim Rails

Attractive looking chromed rails to protect the hard saddlebags

? Add extra impact to the impressive looks of the motorcycle itself

? High quality chrome plating..

Tuote: STR-3D872-70-00

Hinta: 224.80 €

Saddlebags Hard Leather

Saddlebags Hard Leather

Lockable saddlebags with premium leather covering

? A perfect match to the fl owing lines of your Midnight Star

? Form fi xed material

? Covered with premium leather and chrome details for the perfect ?cruiser? looks

? Combined volume: 37.7L

? Capable of holding a..
Hinta: 263.30 € - 1 169.40 €

YEC Battery Charger Built-in Panel Plug

Smart and easy plug for connection from panel mount socket at the dashboard to the
YEC-8 or YEC-40 battery chargers
? Allows a neat, solid connection point rather than a fl ying lead connection
? 1.5 m extra long cable to allow installation of connector to almost anywhere on your bike
? Rubber grommet..

Tuote: YME-YECPA-15-00

Hinta: 12.60 €

YEC Battery Charger Indicator

Gives instant and clear indication of the charge condition of your vehicle?s battery
? Connects to the battery chargers YEC-8 and YEC-40
? ?Traffi c light? style LED indication: green, orange, red
? 0.5 m long cable
? Rubber grommet to keep dirt out of connector
? Equipped with an inline fuse for..

Tuote: YME-YECPL-05-00

Hinta: 12.60 €

YEC Indicator Panel 150

Combines a battery charger built-in plug and a battery charge indicator into one
? Connects to the battery chargers YEC-8 and YEC-40
? Allows a neat, solid connection point rather than a fl ying lead connection
? ?Traffi c light? style LED indication: green, orange, red
? 1.5 m extra long cable to..

Tuote: YME-YECIP-15-00

Hinta: 22.90 €

YEC-40 Battery Charger

Charger that can charge the battery of your Yamaha motorcycle, scooter, ATV, SMB
and/or marine products
? Contains unique battery charging technology. Fully automatic switch mode charger that analyses the state of
the battery, charges and automatically switches to maintenance charging when ready
Hinta: 106.50 € - 108.70 €