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Foot Shield Set FJR

Foot Shield Set FJR

Wind defl ector for feet

? GK Designed & YEC engineered

? Available in Matt Black or in bike-matching colour..
Hinta: 212.60 € - 260.50 €

Grip Heater MC 130

Grip Heater MC 130

Grips with heater to replace standard unit grips

? Ensures warm hands when riding in cold weather conditions

? Includes temperature control button

? Auto-shut function conserves battery life

? Switch bracket included

? Grip length 130 mm..

Tuote: YME-W0792-20-00

Hinta: 241.60 €

High Windshield FJR

High Windshield FJR

Higher screen to replace standard windscreen

? Improves wind protection for more comfortable long-distance touring

? Clear

? +80mm higher & +50mm wider than standard screen..
Hinta: 343.50 € - 415.70 €

Inner Bag 39L Top Case Touring

Inner Bag 39L Top Case Touring

Fitting bag to put inside the 39L Top Case Touring

? Allows easy loading and unloading of luggage from the optional 39L Top Case Touring

? Includes shoulder strap to carry around with ease..

Tuote: ?YMD-20010-65-10

Hinta: 63.00 €

Knuckle Visor Set FJR

Knuckle Visor Set FJR

Mirror mounted wind defl ectors

• GK designed & YEC engineered

• Clamp mount on to mirrors

• Available in bike-matching colour..
Hinta: 232.00 € - 245.00 €

Navigator Mounting Kit FJR

Navigator Mounting Kit FJR

Mount base for satellite navigation equipment

? Top yoke mounting

? Suitable to mount a Garmin Zumo or Garmin Street Pilot 2610

? Designed specifi cally for FJR models..

Tuote: 5VS-W0779-00-00

Hinta: 78.40 €

Passenger Backrest 39L Top Case Touring

Passenger Backrest 39L Top Case Touring

Backrest for the optional 39L Top Case Touring

? Gives added comfort to passenger

? Easy installation..

Tuote: 5JW-W0772-00-00

Hinta: 172.00 €

Roller Protectors FJR

Roller Protectors FJR

Protectors to minimise damage to your bike

? Minimises damage if bike is accidentally dropped..

Tuote: 5VS-W0741-00-00

Hinta: 201.70 €

Side Case Brackets

Side Case Brackets

For use with Side Cases Touring and Side Cases City on the FJR models

? Required to mount the Side Cases..

Tuote: 5VS-W9753-00-00

Hinta: 18.00 €

Side Case Liners

Side Case Liners

For use with Side Cases Touring or Side Cases City

? Specially sculpted inner bags

? Easy carrying shoulder straps

? Features 1 x inner pocket and 1 x outer pocket

? Sold per pair..

Tuote: YMD-20010-60-30

Hinta: 106.70 €

Side Case Lock Set

Side Case Lock Set

For use with Side Cases Touring, Side Cases City and 39L Top Case Touring

? 3-piece lock set..

Tuote: 5P5-28406-01-00

Hinta: 56.20 €

Side Cases City

Side Cases City

Slimmer side cases for urban use

• Reduced width to get easy around in the city

• 75mm narrower than standard side cases

*Please note - Side Cases City are a stand-alone product and it is not recommended that they are installed and used with the Yamaha Top Case..
Hinta: 18.00 € - 586.80 €

Side Cases Touring

Side Cases Touring

Sides cases for long-distance touring

• Single lock, unit key operation

• Double shell construction

• Internal luggage straps and rubber protectors

• 30L capacity (space for 1 x full face helmet)

• 4-point lid locking

• Available in..
Hinta: 18.00 € - 563.70 €

Tank Pad Yamaha

Tank Pad Yamaha

Protective pad for fuel tank

? Protects fuel tank from scratches from zipper rider?s jacket

? Features Yamaha logo..

Tuote: 39P-W0790-10-00

Hinta: 32.00 €

Top Case Adaptor Kit FJR

Top Case Adaptor Kit FJR

For use with 39L Top Case Touring

? Required when fi tting the 39L Top Case Touring

? Allows top case to be removed for security..

Tuote: 5VS-W0720-20-00

Hinta: 123.70 €

Touring Tankbag

Touring Tankbag

Tank-mounted bag for Yamaha touring motorcycles

? Soft tankbag with flexible bottom and easy magnetic fixation

? Integrated map holder, reflective stripes on side

? Includes pocket for small items such as your wallet and mobile phone

? Includes shoulder strap, small inner bag..

Tuote: YME-W0750-10-00

Hinta: 108.70 €

YEC Battery Charger Built-in Panel Plug

Smart and easy plug for connection from panel mount socket at the dashboard to the
YEC-8 or YEC-40 battery chargers
? Allows a neat, solid connection point rather than a fl ying lead connection
? 1.5 m extra long cable to allow installation of connector to almost anywhere on your bike
? Rubber grommet..

Tuote: YME-YECPA-15-00

Hinta: 12.60 €

YEC Battery Charger Indicator

Gives instant and clear indication of the charge condition of your vehicle?s battery
? Connects to the battery chargers YEC-8 and YEC-40
? ?Traffi c light? style LED indication: green, orange, red
? 0.5 m long cable
? Rubber grommet to keep dirt out of connector
? Equipped with an inline fuse for..

Tuote: YME-YECPL-05-00

Hinta: 12.60 €

YEC Indicator Panel 150

Combines a battery charger built-in plug and a battery charge indicator into one
? Connects to the battery chargers YEC-8 and YEC-40
? Allows a neat, solid connection point rather than a fl ying lead connection
? ?Traffi c light? style LED indication: green, orange, red
? 1.5 m extra long cable to..

Tuote: YME-YECIP-15-00

Hinta: 22.90 €

YEC-40 Battery Charger

Charger that can charge the battery of your Yamaha motorcycle, scooter, ATV, SMB
and/or marine products
? Contains unique battery charging technology. Fully automatic switch mode charger that analyses the state of
the battery, charges and automatically switches to maintenance charging when ready
Hinta: 106.50 € - 108.70 €