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50L Top Case

50L Top Case

Quality top case for extra luggage/storage capacity on your Yamaha

? Exclusively designed for Yamaha Motor by ELM Design Europe

? Easy to install and remove from your Yamaha

? Can hold two (full face) helmets or riding gear

? Available standard in Matt Black. Possibility, though, to change the colour of the lid?s side panels to one that

? either matches your Yamaha or to a contrasting colour. The coloured lids can be ordered with the top case as

? one or separately. See the available colours for the lid also separately

? Solid & durable double shell construction

? Can be locked and for added convenience even with a single key operation system

Please note - the Top Case is a stand-alone product and it is not recommended that it is installed and used with the available Yamaha Side Cases


Tuote Hinta
34B-F84A8-1F-00 Tech Armor (MDNM3)219.20 €
34B-F84A8-1G-00 Sonic Grey (MDNM1)219.20 €
34B-F84A8-10-00 Matt Black219.20 €
34B-F84A8-1A-00 Aluminium-coloured219.20 €
34B-F84A8-1D-00 Moon Shadow (NMJ)219.20 €
34B-F84A8-1E-00 Tech Bronze (MDYNM3)219.20 €
34B-F84A8-1C-00 Lava Red (RM5)219.20 €
34B-F84A8-1B-00 Midnight Black (SMX)219.20 €
34B-F84A8-1J-00 High Tech Silver (HTS)219.20 €
34B-F84A8-1H-00 Magnetic Blue (MDBM1)219.20 €
34B-F84A8-1K-00 Frozen Titanium (MYNM1)219.20 €
59C-281C0-00-00 Lock Set Single Key Operation27.70 €
52S-21780-09-00 Lock Set Standard17.00 €
34B-F84A8-1L-00 Competition White (BWC1)219.20 €