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Coloured Lid Panels 39L Top Case

Coloured Lid Panels 39L Top Case

Range of coloured lid panels for Yamaha’s 39L top case, to exchange with the standard


• Choose a colour that matches your Yamaha or alternatively choose a contrasting colour of your own choice

• Easy to install


Tuote Hinta
34B-F842M-0F-00 Tech Armor (MDNM3)55.95 €
34B-F842M-0G-00 Magnetic Blue (MDBM1)57.95 €
34B-F842M-0L-00 Aluminium-coloured57.95 €
34B-F842M-0J-00 Competition White (BWC1)57.95 €
34B-F842M-0A-00 Midnight Black (SMX)57.95 €
34B-F842M-0B-00 Avalance White (WM1)54.94 €
34B-F842M-00-00 Matt Black27.95 €